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  • Coronavirus live news: UK records a further 164 deaths and 30, 144 new cases; anti-vaxxers protest in London
    Figure brings the total UK death toll to 135,147; Russia reports 20,329 new cases in 24 hours; anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in MelbourneProve your Covid status if you want to party, UK students toldPeople with chronic conditions most at risk from Covid even after jabsVictoria police and anti-lockdown protesters... Read more »
  • US to fly Haitian migrants back after thousands gather at Texas border
    Plan will likely involve five to eight flights a day, with San Antonio potentially among departure citiesHow thousands of Haitians ended up at the Texas borderThe Biden administration on Saturday was working on plans to send many of the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have gathered in a Texas border... Read more »
  • West Yorkshire: man arrested after boy, 9, dies in ‘hit and run’
    Man, 49, held on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after incident in Keighley on FridayA man has been arrested after a nine-year-old boy died when he was hit by a van which is said to have made off from the scene.West Yorkshire police are appealing for witnesses to... Read more »
  • Claudia Winkleman: ‘Every September, I turn several shades of orange brighter, and off we go’
    As Strictly returns for a 19th series, its host talks dream guests, turning 50 and the childhood trips that inspired her passion for art“Strictly Come Dancing is basically Christmas,” grins Claudia Winkleman. “It’s all about sparkle and kindness. It’s a snowglobe of a show. Even the make-believe baddie isn’t really... Read more »

    Deadline News

  • Avoid Scams on Your Way to a Canadian Visa
    Hiring an immigration consultant for your application process to Canada is an easy and stress-free way to immigrate without worrying about paperwork or incomplete documents. However, sometimes this stress-free experience is ruined by fraudulent scammers who ask for hefty sums of money and are rarely up to any good when... Read more »
  • 5 Ways to Make Google Slides More Immersive
    Google slides isn’t just creating slides, but it’s an active learning process by way of impressive presentations too. We will show you how to design an exciting slide deck in Google Slides and later share it with your colleagues or students. While hosting your presentation, your audience must acknowledge you... Read more »
  • Bar worker stunned after claiming boss gave him final pay in 5 cent coins
    A BAR worker was left stunned after claiming he was paid his final wage in a mayonnaise bucket full of five cent coins which weighed nearly 30KG. Rian Keogh was collecting his last pay packet from Alfies on South William Street in Dublin on Tuesday where he claims he found... Read more »
  • Social media users bemused over B&M bottle of tomato ketchup
    SOCIAL media users have been left bemused after an image surfaced of a bizarre Heinz tomato ketchup bottle filled with sauce sachets. The bottle contains just 15 sachets of the well known sauce, with many users opposed to buying the £1.79 product when sachets can often be found for free.... Read more »
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